So you’re out to make the world a more rockin’ place.

Yes! I’m jumping up and down, blasting Lady Gaga just thinking about it! Because you have shit to do on the internet. IMPORTANT shit. Yea, your blog or website is MORE than just a place to gather more self-improvement advice. It’s a place to meet and hang out – a community, a festival, a party.
You want your readers and clients to find your website and stay for a while. And let’s face it – if you plan on monetizing your website and blog (or make more money with it than you already are), then your success depends on this.

You need more than casual customers; you need raving f*cking fans.

The kind of fans who don’t just like your brand, they LOVE it.
In that “I can’t get enough of you babyyyy” kind of way.

And the only way to do that?
Is to put all of YOU into that website. Because you’re awesome, am I right?
But you need a few things to make that happen cap’n!

a) major clarity on your personal branding,
b) massive technological know-how, and
c) lots of time to learn a. and b. so you can manage your website month over month and year over year seamlessly.

So doing that all by yourself?
(Insert headache here.)

Listen, creating a website that’s soooo YOU that people never want to leave is NO walk through the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Trust me, I get it, which is why I’m here to bring my unique skills and passions to the table to help you create the website of your dreams. One where you’re the star, entertaining your audience with an undeniable sparkle and glow, the kind that makes them want more and more of what you’ve got. Because that’s when you really get to play.
In short: you can’t do it all on your own. Unless you’re the kind of rock star that’s up all night on some illegal shit. (If so, you’re definitely on the wrong website!) But if you’re just ready to get a,b, and c in one solid place – lucky you – you found me.

Hey ass-kicker, I’m Kasia Zukowska, head WordPress Rockstar around here. Colorful hair and everything. As a designer and developer for Rockstarpreneurs™ like YOU, I’m here to create and host your party website and even do the cleanup afterward.

You see, just like you, I always knew that I wanted to start my own business. Working for other people, on their schedule and timeline, by their rules… that’s just not my cup of Long Island iced tea. Hey, if I wanted to feel imprisoned, I could have done way more exciting shit to make that happen. So eventually I said “bye bye” to my corporate job and struck out on my own making websites. Now, I get to help super cool entrepreneurs, creatives, and bloggers – adventurous and bold badasses who are rockin’ their businesses – create websites that really feel like them.

Hello. It’s the best job in the world! So I’m more-than-pumped to help you create a website that’s as free-spirited, unique, and wild as you are, one that feels as good as driving at warp speed down an open road – with the top down.

So you bring your special brand of expertise and personality, and I’ll bring my cool design skills and web development smarts, and together we’ll create a triple-platinum website that will have to punch a paparazzi to get any privacy. It’s just like starting a really badass girl band, except the only music we’ll make is the sound of website traffic and bank notifications because you’re getting paid. Woohooooo!

Let’s get rockin’.