Your website is ready for a world tour.

But sending it out on the road without protection is probably NOT the best idea. There are threats out there on the big, bold internet!

And you don’t want…

Hackers to hijack your site for their own personal gain.
To lose your precious for-profit content to a security breach.
A website crash to mean that you have to start ALL over again.
New bugs in a plugin to cause your site to get all wonky or stop loading.
Your system to get out of date and create ongoing problems.

But honey, this stuff happens, and it happens when you LEAST expect it. One day you go to post a blog or create a new page and BOOM. Site down. You don’t even know what happened, but I do. Right after I dig into the backend (heads out of the gutter, this is business!) and uncover what’s mucked up back there for an hour or two. IF you can get me (or any developer) on the case right away. If not, you’re losing precious hours of money-making, and the worst part of it all?
This could have been prevented.
But look, this just isn’t your zone of genius. Maybe you’re a writer, or a trainer, or a coach, or a blogger, or a social media manager, or a marketing expert, and you’re providing a service or product that truly helps people – but writing code and understanding how internet technology works? Not. Your. Thing. That’s OKAY. Because it IS my thing.
Which is exactly why I offer WEBSITE BODYGUARD, my monthly security and maintenance service to help you keep your website safe, secure, and functioning optimally. Think of it as a health protocol for your WordPress website.

Here’s how it works –

I do DAILY checks for updates on everything you use for your website, and then login, complete the updates, poke around, make sure everything looks good and triple check that your backup system is working.

And because you’re a rockstar, you’ve got TWO record-breaking options to choose from.

GOLD level includes…

  • Website hosting by WP Engine which is a MUST for this package.
  • Comprehensive updates for your WordPress core, themes and plugins so you never have to worry about going out of date (or style)!
  • Backups of all files and your full database on the daily so in the case of a crash, you can always restore your entire site in a snap!
  • Unlimited restores whenever you have a site crash or any type of reset, so your site is never down for more than an hour.
  • Total cleaning of your site in the event of hacking, to make sure no unfavorable data gets left behind to infect your site in the future! Yup, no more hacking hangovers!
  • Weekly Security Audits to make sure your site is running optimally with no leaks!
  • RealTime Security Monitoring to ensure no hackers get in!
  • RealTime Uptime Monitoring so if your site goes down, I’m the first to know because you don’t have time for your website to go dark !
  • SSL Certification so if you’re using Stripe or any other service to accept payments through your website, you’re totally protected.
  • Spam cleanup so your site visitors aren’t seeing junk comments all over your amazing blogs!
  • Fixing broken links, so people are never left with a “404” page when they’re trying to spend their hard-earned money on you or cruise around your site for more goods!
  • Access to my Premium Plugin library, totally free of charge, so you’ll get your pick of tons of extra plugins at no extra cost to you!
  • A VIP discount of 20% on any additional work you need as part of this package, so you’re saving more money in the long term.
  • Best of all, you get my personal Rockstar Support via email whenever you need me.

This Gold Bodyguard Package is only $87 per month.
I mean, do you know what Lady Gaga pays for her bodyguard? Hint: it’s a lot more.


For another $60 per month, you’ll also receive…

  • Priority support so you’re first in line whenever anything happens , if you have a question, or just need some extra help with your site.
  • Premium security service through Sucuri , a software that detects any unauthorized changes to your website this is like the difference between having a security guard keeping an eye on things and a high-level alarm system that goes off whenever an intruder approaches . Which would you prefer?

Also, there is no minimum or contract. It’s all month-to-month, and as long as you cancel with 24 hours before your next payment, you won’t be charged. I even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t feel that I saved your website’s life.

If you’re ready to guard your website like the Grammy-winning rock star it is, hit me up, and we’ll get started.


Check(list) yourself before you wreck yourself!
Looking for a simple list of to-do’s to get you started? I have something just for you…
This fun resource is full of all of the security must-dos you need for your WordPress site, in case 
you want to get started on your own – and it’s totally FREEEEE!