You know what a Rockstar website sounds like?

Loud, thundering applause.
Don’t you love that?

After all, you’re a Rockstar, and that’s what you deserve.

NOT to feel weird about getting all kinds of attention or making a splash.
NOT to wonder if the world really needs what you have to offer (it does!!!).
NOT to ask if anyone cares or worry about “what if they don’t like what I have to say.”

You. Rock.
And the more you’re YOU, the more rocking you’ll do.
The same is true of your website. And you know it.

Except right now, your website isn’t rocking.
Instead, you’re….

 Frustrated by the challenge of creating a website at all. It’s just NOT what you do best.
 Exhausted from trying to use WordPress on your own, and creating a website that looks, well, like crap!
 Embarrassed by your current website, so you avoid posting blogs or trying to get more traffic because you don’t actually want anyone to see it!
 At a standstill with your business, because you’re not reaching the clients or audience you really want or need, and to have a business that works, that’s pretty key.
 Losing money and business opportunities because you know that no one who lands on your site is getting to know YOU.

In short: your current online presence SUCKS. 
And it’s time to do something about it!
Because you want a website that rocks as hard as you do!
You’re ready to hang your shingle, make your mark, and drop your mic, except you’re still in need of a website that expresses what you really need to express – YOUR INNER ROCKSTAR!

Well, I’m here to help you change that, once and for all.


Can you picture this?
Your website is SO kick-ass, and you’re so proud of it, that….
 Clients, sponsors, and advertisers practically fall at your feet, because they get who you are, what you’re about, and just KNOW that you’re the right person for them.
 Your face is all over your favorite publications, podcasts, and YouTube shows because you can confidently pitch yourself as a guest anywhere you want to!
 Your audience grows every day, without you hardly lifting a finger, because you have raving fans rallying behind your cause, your advice, and what makes you YOU.
 You actually enjoy launching a new product because it feels easy when you have a strong community of adoring fans!
 You no longer have to worry about the basics of your online business because your brand, design, and website converts subscribers and clients in a snap.
In short, it just WORKS.
Or, in other words, it ROCKS.
Yea, it’s time to stop banging your head against a wall trying to do it all on your own.
Head-banging hasn’t been cool since 1998!
Instead, say hello to ROCK YOUR WEBSITE, my custom design and development package.

With ROCK YOUR WEBSITE, you’ll receive a fully custom website complete with kick ass design, incredible functionality, AND super tight security all within 6-8 weeks. It’s the best of everything under one affordable umbrella, kind of like the Coachella of website design.

It’s perfect for you if…

 You’re ready to hand the Website design torch over to a pro who can make your wildest website dreams come true!
 You want a website that feels like YOU, instead of one that feels like every other online business owner or blogger out there.
 You can handle the attention of standing out from the crowd with a rockin’ website!
 You know who you are, what you do, and who you serve, and you have a brand foundation to build from – you just need the right lady for the job (*cough*ME*cough*).

And it might not be for you if…

 You’re still not clear on your business or message.
 You’re testing out a bunch of services and product ideas so what you offer may change within the next few months.
 You’re not open to exploring a style that’s true to you and prefer the idea of emulating what else is already out there. < That’s cool! Just totally NOT how I work!

But if ROCK YOUR WEBSITE sounds right for you, and you’re itching to give your Website the Rockstar treatment, I’m your girl.

Hello, World Wide Web! I’m Kasia Zukowska, design and development diva behind WP Rockstar and personal champion for the unique and different. Because I know that nothing can stop you from standing out, if you have the courage to be yourself. That’s why my design process involves truly getting to know you and what makes you totally one-of-a-kind. I believe that being true to your individuality is critical to creating a design that’s truly rock star, and attracts the audience and applause you deserve. Ready to get some?